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Research Seminar "Mission Possible" of Estonian and Latvian Folklorists

Folklorists of the Estonian Literary MuseumOn December 14, 2016 a group of folklore researchers from Department of Folkloristics of the Estonian Literary Museum (Tartu, Estonia), will pay a visit to the Archives of Latvian Folklore, Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia. In a joint research seminar, "Mission Possible", both the Estonian and the Latvian folklorists will present their current research topics.

Department of Folkloristics of the Estonian Literary Museum*

Archives of Latvian Folklore, Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia**

Research Seminar "Mission Possible"

Riga, Latvia

December 14, 2016

12.00—14.00 Long presentations (Virtaka Lecture Room, Level 1)

Rita Treija, Mare Kõiva. Opening remarks

Sandis Laime. Tourist Graffiti and Magic Signs on Sandstone Cliffs in Latvia: Current Research and Future Perspectives

Piret Voolaid. A Paremic Glance at Graffiti: Database of Graffiti

Ieva Tihovska. Latvian Romani Dance: Notes on Applied Research

Eda Kalmre. Self-created Love Stories in Girls’ Romantic Culture: History and Evolution

14.00—15.00 Lunch / coffee break

15.00—17.00 Short presentations / posters and discussion about possibilities

of future co-operation (Virtaka Lecture Room, Level 1)

Tõnno Jonuks. Greening the Religion – How Did Estonian Religion Become a Nature Religion

Reet Hiiemäe. Urban Non-places as Sacred Places

Mare Kalda. Back to the Past: Traditional Treasure Tales under Examination

Mare Kõiva. Visit of Hitler. Touching Self and History

Katre Kikas. Locality and Diaspora: Dilemmas of Jakob Hurt’s Migrant Co-workers

Liisi Laineste. Refugees and the Internet

Anneli Baran. Formulaic Language on the Internet

Aigars Lielbārdis. Digital Catalogue of Latvian Charms

Andres Kuperjanov. 20 Years of Electronic Publications

Toms Ķencis. Crowdsourcing and Communication for Folklore

* The Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies (CEES, European Regional Development Fund), IRG 22-5 (Estonian Research Council).

** Basic budget sub-programme 05.04.00 “Krišjānis Barons’s Cabinet of Folksongs”, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia.

Photo: Alar Madisson

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