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Kad pelīte paēdusi, tad graudiņš ir rūgts. (LFK 1242, 391)

16 presentations on socialism heritage

Records of the "Socialist Folkloristics: A Disciplinary Heritage" international conference presentations are now available at the Archives of Latvian Folklore YouTube channel.

The themes covered in the conference were related to the Socialist heritage’s impact on the development of folkloristics and related disciplines in Central and Eastern Europe. Among those were the role of the Socialist regimes of knowledge in the organization of folklore archives, ethnographic collections and other institutional representations of folklife; the contribution of folkloristics and related disciplines to resistance and dissent in the former USSR and the Soviet bloc countries, as well as history of folkloristics and ethnography in the light of Soviet postcolonialism.

The conference was organized by Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia and took place online on 17–18 December 2020. It was supported by Latvian Council of Science project "Latvian Folkloristics (1945–1985)" lzp-2018/2-0268.

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