LV Latviski

Kur krietna stabule, tur laba deja. (LFK 1695, 2517)

Digital Catalogue of Latvian Charms

A new digital text corpus for charm research in Latvia was developed by the researcher of Archives of Latvian Folklore Aigars Lielbārdis in the postdoctoral project "Digital Catalogues of Latvian Charms" (No. The methodology is based on digital humanities principles that allow charm texts to be analyzed according to multiple criteria simultaneously. This methodology has been applied to ALF Collection 150 which is the main charm collection of the Archives of Latvian Folklore.

Alongside to texts, the information regarding submitters, collectors, and informants is available in the ALF's digital site At present, the Digital Catalogues of Latvian Charms includes more than 23 000 digitized charm units and information on 182 related individuals—owners of charm books and manuscripts, informants, collectors, and submitters.


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