LV Latviski

Kurls un mēms, bet rēķinus ved. (LFK 1001, 493)

Explore Latvian Folk Songs on public transport in Riga

In the Autumn, 2024, the 13th volume of the academic publication "Latvian Folk Songs" will be released, marking the culmination of nearly 70 years of effort by multiple generations.

This milestone will make accessible to the public over one million Latvian folk songs preserved in the archives of the Latvian Folklore Archive.These folk songs were gathered subsequent to the initial comprehensive publication of Latvian folk songs at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, known as

"Latvian Dainas" (approximately 219 000 texts), which was compiled by Krišjānis Barons. Together these publications provide a comprehensive portrayal of the human life in folk songs tradition for more than a century.

To commemorate the completion of the "Latvian Folk Songs" publication and the 100th anniversary of the Archive of Latvian Folklore, the Archive of Latvian Folklore, in collaboration with "Rīgas satiksme," invitates to explore Latvian folk songs. These songs have been an integral part of Latvian life for centuries, reflecting daily routines and festivities. They had played a unifying role during the 19th-century formation of the Latvian nation. Furthermore, folk songs were source of cultural identity during Latvia's journey towards independence, providing resilience against foreign oppression.

Throughout 2024, thematic selections of folk songs will be displayed on screens in Riga's public transport changing every week, coordinated with festivities, commemorations, and other events of social significance. We encourage everyone to learn at least one folk song this year!

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