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Pluotuos ka gaiļs pa vystom. (LFK 509, 1630)

Let's start the new year with new research: a special issue of the journal ''Letonica'' has been published

We are pleased to announce that the 43rd issue of the journal Letonica has been published with a focus on the disciplinary history of folkloristics and related fields through the theoretical approaches of post-socialism and post-colonialism. The issue includes five articles – four of them are by Latvian researchers: Toms Ķencis, Anete Karlsone, llze Boldāne-Zeļenkova, Rita Grīnvalde and Rita Legčiļina-Broka, and they are joined by Ukrainian scholars Pavlo Artymyshyn and Roman Holyk. The issue is in English, on open access and is available here.

The guest editors of the issue are Toms Ķencis and Digne Ūdre.

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