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Skraida kā govs bez astes mušu laikā. (LFK 1459, 4036)

New Study on Latvian Verbal Charms

The publishing house of the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art (University of Latvia) recently published Aigars Lielbārdis' monograph “Latvian Charms. Texts, Traditions, Contexts”.

With this study author proposes to look at our past, cultural heritage, and aspects of language and identity through the lens of a single tradition, focusing on the different contexts and cultural and socio-economic processes that have shaped the content and form of the charm tradition in the past and create a demand for alternative medicine in today’s society. The object of this research is Latvian charms, charming and healing traditions, and the various contexts that shape and influence these texts and traditions: religious, social, cultural, institutional, personal, research, etc. The study is in Latvian with an extensive summary and translation of the introduction, conclusion, and closing remarks into English.

The author is a Latvian folklore researcher whose scholarly interests are related to folk and vernacular religion, the verbal charms, visual ethnography, and folk music. The book has been prepared within the post-doctoral project of the European Regional Development Fund "Digital Catalogue of Latvian Charms" (No. VIAA/1/16/217) and published with the financial support of the State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.

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