LV Latviski

Kas lepneibai pakaļ dzanās, tys viejam leidza skrīn. (LFK 1252, 108)

The book "Alma Makovska's Tales" is published

This is the eleventh book in the "Folklore of the Regions" series, but the first book of fairy tales. All the tales were recorded in Vandzene from the oral narration of the storyteller Alma Makovska (1922-2004) between 1987 and 2003. The book contains 84 tales. She heard them in her childhood and youth from her father, her father's brothers, her mother, also at school and from local storytellers. Her native tradition of storytelling has been preserved over several generations.

To make it easier to read, the tales have been transformed into literary language, leaving some of the peculiarities of the dialect, but six of the tales are also in the Vandzene dialect. The cover is designed by Gita Treice, each chapter is introduced by an illustration drawn by her. The fairy tales are transcribed, with commentary, foreword and afterword by Guntis Pakalns. The book will soon be accompanied by an audio and/or video recording of each fairy tale, which will soon be available in the ALF Exhibitions Department.
The book has been published by the publishing house "Zinātne" with the support of the State Culture Capital Foundation.

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