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Kam grēku daudz, tam spilvens ciets. (LFK 1573, 711)

VHS recordings from the Archives of Latvian Folklore are now available!

This year, with the support of the SCCF programme "KultūrELPA", the Archives of Latvian Folklore (ALF) has digitised and processed VHS cassettes. We are starting with the release of the oldest video material from the 1980s! Today, we publish around 300 videos on the ALF YouTube channel, featuring traditional music as well as folk tales and stories. A large part of the material consists of stories and songs by Anna Brauna from Mālpils, Alma Makovska from Vandzene and Olga Pommere from the parish of Ļaudona. We invite you to watch Anna Brauna's story about Christmas presents in her childhood at the beginning of the 20th century.

Other storytellers and ensembles include Milda Kozule and Marija Kaviere from Laudona parish, Elza Cimdiņa, Augusts Cimdiņš and Marta Šūtele from Vecpiebalga, Emīlija Baumane from Lauciene, Ieva Bendorfa from Ventspils region, Anna Aigare and Klāvs Aigars from Nīca, Kristīne Upmale from Rucava, Upīte and Briežuciems ethnographic ensembles and others.

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