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Ļaužu mīlestība ir labāka nekā sudrabs un zelts. (LFK 1696, 5872)

Virtual exhibition "Sign Parks in Latvia"

A virtual exhibition "Sign Parks in Latvia". The exhibition documents a relatively recent tradition, specific to Latvia. Sign parks are specially designed areas in nature where large-scale environmental objects - ornaments - are installed alongside the natural environment in a man-made landscape. The origin of the tradition is closely linked to the mythological interpretation of Latvian ornament - signs are perceived as visual representations of deities and other mythological concepts, which in turn allows the development of the idea of the beneficial effect of signs on their users. Sign parks are one of the most creative testimonies to the popularity of the tradition today. The images and text of the exhibition are created by Digne Ūdre, researcher at ALF.

The exhibition was created with the financial support of the SCCF programme "KultūrELPA" and is part of the project "Providing Diverse Traditional Cultural Content in the Digital Environment".

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