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Tik daudz prāta, cik vistas kājai gaļas. (LFK 1492, 541)

The 14th Conference of the SIEF Ritual Year Working Group "Commerce and Traditions" will take place on 1 – 4 June 2022, Riga (Latvia)

The theme of the conference is related to the impact of product marketing, which is visible in everyday life and a wide range of traditions and festivities. Historically, annual church markets, fairs and pilgrimages had provided opportunities to buy and sell. Amidst them, the items, such as religious symbols, protective objects, and healing substances were available much as in modern souvenir shops. In marketing terms, the values of traditional culture had been considered "products" to be branded, marketed and sold.

Today advertising and marketing campaigns appear everywhere. Many people protest against what they perceive as excessive commercialization of their favourite secular or religious festivals. However, marketing practices attract larger crowds and help to preserve and popularize traditions that might otherwise be lost. Commercialization has made the sale of traditional crafts financially viable, preserving them for future generations.

The conference aims to investigate and evaluate the impact of marketing practices on traditions and rituals, and to consider the changes commercialization has brought about – both positive and negative – in the past, as well as in the present. The following topics will be discussed:

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